Washoe County School Exclusion, November- December 2019

We wanted to update everyone on the school exclusion going on at Damonte Ranch High School that began on November 13, 2019 and continues today, Dec. 18, 2019.  The exclusion was executed due to an “outbreak” of Pertussis at the high school that began in 3 people.  We have not determined the official number that defines an “outbreak”, but will update when this is confirmed.  All 3 and 1 week later the 4th student confirmed with Pertussis in this outbreak were fully vaccinated according to CDC guidelines.  On Dec. 13, families of students not up to date on the DTaP vaccine were called and told their child could not attend school for 21 days, unless they vaccinated immediately, in which case they could return 7 days post vaccination.  The 21-day clock for this school exclusion, based on the most extreme timeline for Pertussis incubation, was to reset if another case of Pertussis was diagnosed within the 2t1 days.  The time clock DID reset, just after Thanksgiving, just 5-6 days before the 1st 21 day quarantine was due to expire.

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