URGENT-send this 1 email NOW


Please send an email with your statement of opposition to the proposed changes to the Newborn Blood Screening law that is being heard and voted on today during the Legislative Commission meeting. If you can spare just 15 minutes this morning, please ALSO email the 12 legislators on this committee asking them to vote NO. Do this before 1:00 PM today. Cut & paste the following messages or write your own. CLICK HERE for all of the details of these proposed changes. View the meeting AGENDA HERE.


Email Public Testimony To Legislative Commission: jordan.haas@lcb.state.nv.us

Subject: Oppose LCB R088-20

I oppose LCB R088-20 and the proposed changes to NAC 442 relating to the Newborn Blood Screening program. There is no need for changes to or an expansion of the existing program. The language in this proposed update lacks a clear opt-out for parents and it fails to protect the private DNA data of infants. Please do not approve LCB R088-20.


Email the Legislators on the Committee (click this link to view contact info for each of the 12 members and copy/paste their email addresses)

Subject: NO on LCB R088-20

Please vote NO on LCB R088-20 in today’s Legislative Commission meeting. This proposed change to NAC 442 regarding the Newborn Screening fails to provide parents with a clear opt-out. Parents have the right and must have the ability to decline this medical intervention based on religious belief or philosophical reasons. This update will create a hardship for some mothers as it will require them to obtain and submit the heel prick blood draw themselves. This update requires the state to follow federal government guidelines (HRSA) and removes all state control. There are no privacy protections included in this update and there is nothing to prevent this DNA data from being shared with or sold to outside entities. PLEASE DO NOT APPROVE LCB R088-20.