The Health Department and Washoe County School District Hold Vaccine Clinic at Damonte Ranch HS

On May 17, 2022, the HD in cahoots with the Washoe County School District will be holding a vaccine Clinic for Juniors and Seniors.  Per Kristen NcNeill, the WCSD Superintendent, this clinic is ” inaccordance with the Covid-19 Mitagation plan” to curb Covid.  They are also offering the new meningitis vaccine which was just added to the required schedule for Seniors in highschool.  Additionally they will offer the HPV, the DTaP and the flu vaccines at this clinic, from 1-4 pm on May 17.

In an attempt to put a stop to this clinic, we wrote a letter to the WCSD Board and superintendent.  Here is that letter and the response:

May 2, 2022

“Dr. Mc Neill and Mr. Church,

We have been made aware that there will be a vaccine clinic at Damonte Ranch HS on May 17.  The message mentions, fervently, that all incoming seniors as well as college freshmen, are mandated to get the meningitis vaccine.   The clinic will also offer the Covid vaccine (experimental), the HPV and flu vaccines. Further, this clinic is happening during school hours.  This is highly inappropriate.   I highly recommend you withdraw any and all vaccine clinics on school premises.

First and foremost, Nevada has Religious and Medical exemptions to all vaccinations for all school children; a fact that is never mentioned as part of the information doled out to unsuspecting parents, and a fact we interpret as lying by omission.   Secondly, if a child is wrongly vaccinated, not approved by a parent or is injured by these vaccines, you will be held directly liable (my organization will see to that).  Thirdly, do you have the proper medical support at the school ready to deal with an immediate adverse reaction such as is common with the Covid vaccine (and to a lesser extent, all of the others)?  Do you have measures in place to make sure a child is not wrongly vaccinated?  Are you prepared for the legal backlash from any of these situations, especially a vaccine injury or death?
We would also request that you send me and all the families who received the message and the permission forms, a full list of possible side effects from each vaccine so that all Washoe country families and students can make a fully informed consent to have their child vaccinated.  If you cannot present a form providing fully informed consent, you are in violation of several laws, including the EUA under which the Covid vaccines are authorized.
We strongly suggest you disallow this dangerous practice of medicine on school property.  All of these vaccines are READILY available at all pediatricians’ offices and at local free health centers.  This is a dangerous and unnecessary practice that is fraught with possible issues and disasters.
We will be following this matter closely and urge you to forbid any and all vaccine clinics on school property in Washoe County.
Health Freedom Nevada”

“Good Afternoon Ms. Taylor (all Board Members are bcc’d to avoid OML issues),

Thank you for your email sharing concerns about the vaccination clinic that is being held at Damonte Ranch High School on May 17th. Washoe County School District (WCSD) has been working with the Washoe County Health Department (WCHD) to offer vaccine clinics during school hours so parents who wish to have their students vaccinated have the opportunity to do so.  The clinics provide access for all students and families to recommended and required vaccines.  Participation is voluntary, and it does provide convenient access for families who choose to receive service through the clinic.

The vaccine clinics are part of the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan which the WCSD Board of Trustees approved at the Board Meeting on March 8th and was provided to the WCHD and the Nevada Department of Education.  The Mitigation Plan included partnering with WCHD to provide vaccination clinics as a prevention strategy.  The vaccination clinics provide all recommend and required vaccines in addition to the COVID-19 vaccination.  We have focused on junior and senior level students because of the new quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MenACWY) that will be required for incoming seniors to enroll next school year.  It is being offered to current seniors because many colleges, such as the University of Nevada Reno, are requiring MenACWY to attend.

I have attached the Technical Bulletin from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Public and Behavior Health, that was sent to all Nevada school districts, and the parent letter provided by the DHHS for parents and guardians of students that are current juniors and will be seniors next year.

Parental consent is required before minor students can receive vaccines and the consent packet, prepared by the WCHD, is also attached.  The WCHD is operating the clinics and administering the vaccinations. If you have questions about their protocol, please contact the WCHD Immunization Department.

As required by statute, we do honor Religious and Medical Exemptions.  We will work with the WCHD on the communication of these exemptions.

Again, thank you for your email.

Respectfully,  Kristen”

If you would like to write to the superintendent and voice your disapproval, her email is

We have several ideas to combat this vaccine clinic.  I you have any please let us know.  Are you willing to help hand out informational flyers at Damonte Ranch HS (Reno, NV) either prior to May 17 or on the day of the clinic?  Would you send emails to the WCSD trustees?

At the very minimum, please let everyone you know in Reno that we have Medical and Religious exemption to ALL vaccines. They can contact us at our website or by emailing

~HFN Staff