Exemptions in Nevada


Nevada currently has a medical and a religious exemption. There is now a prescribed from that the school will ask you to fill out annually.  Here it is.  

You may choose not to initial each box.  Box 3 and 4 are unfortunately in statute.  Some of us choose to “X” out boxes 1 and 2.  Our suggestion is that you wait for the school nurse to contact you if your child is behind on vaccines.  Tell her you have a religious exemption, and she will send you this form. 

Here are the Nevada Revised Statutes for Religious Exemption for Public/Private school:

NRS 392.437 /

NRS 394.193

For Medical Exemptions, there is also a new Medical Exemption form here.  You simply take this letter to your doctor or nurse practitioner and discuss this with them.  The practitioner needs to sign it.

Medical Exemption for Public/Private school:

NRS 392.439 /

NRS 394.194


Lack of access


HFN is working to improve access to doctors who understand vaccine exemptions and support families rights to these exemptions. Please Contact Us with any issue, questions or concerns you have regarding access to care. We want to hear your story




Policy and Legislation


Covid-19 has created many concerns for Health Freedom. From the over reach of government and loss of liberties, to the fast-tracking of the vaccine, HFN is working to voice and advocate for Nevadans to secure our freedoms. We need your help! Use out letter templates below to send to your legislators to let them know of your concerns and that you will not stand for continued over-reach.

Covid-19 Vaccine Fast-Tracking

HFN works closely with legislators to improve understanding of medical freedom and maintain exemptions.

Link to Nevada Revised Statues regarding Vaccination and Exemptions

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