SB419 Digital Health IDs & Vaccine Passports

SB419 Creates a Centralized State Health ID Database

Please participate in our latest ONE CLICK Call-To-Action CAMPAIGN where you can send emails to every Senator on the HHS Committee and to your elected district Senator in less than 30 seconds.

SB419 was introduced in the senate on March 27 and immediately scheduled for the HEARING the following day March 28 with less than 24 hours notice. The WORK SESSION is scheduled on THURSDAY APRIL 13 at 3:30 PM with a likely vote by the SENATE HHS COMMITTEE to pass this out of committee and to a vote by the full senate. There is no opportunity for public input or participation during the workshop. Please participate in the ONE CLICK CALL-TO-ACTION that we have prepared with our partner organization Stand For Health Freedom. It takes less than 30 seconds and sends an email to every senator on the HHS Committee asking them to vote NO on SB419.

SB419 creates a centralized state database for health and medical records of citizens which requires all medical providers to participate, replacing current private systems. Electronic medical data which is currently only available within your medical providers’ office will be entered into the central system if this bill passes. This is the creation of the Digital Health ID. A super vaccine passport which could allow citizens to be targeted by government or non-governmental organizations based upon their private health data. As witnessed throughout the Covid Pandemic, government officials and unelected bureaucrats could easily control individuals’ movement in a future pandemic or emergency scenario based upon arbitrary health metrics.  

Please also phone the members of the committee. Let the 5 senators on the HHS Committee know that Nevadans do not want a mandated centralized state health ID database. There must be a clear opt out for medical providers and for citizens who do not want to participate.

  • Chair Fabian Donate (775) 684-1427
  • Vice Chair Rochelle Nguyen (775) 684-1422
  • Roberta Lange (775) 684-6504
  • Robin Titus (775) 684-1470
  • Jeff Stone (775) 684-1481