ASK Gov. Lombardo to VETO SB172

SB172 – Minor Medical Consent Bill has passed both Senate & Assembly

This bill is now headed to Governor Lombardo’s desk. He’ll either veto it or sign it into law. It’s time for us to GET LOUD in asking him to VETO this bill.

Please click on the link below to send an email to Governor Lombardo that asks him to please take action to protect parental rights and medical freedom in Nevada. It takes less than 30 seconds to do! And when you’ve done that, please share the link with 5 friends and on social media. We only have 5 days to send him the strong message that Nevadans oppose allowing children to consent to drugs and medical procedures and that we demand that parents not be removed from overseeing their minor childrens’ medical care and treatment.

Please CLICK HERE to participate in this easy CALL TO ACTION !


  1. Submit ONLINE FORM to send a message to Governor Lombardo’s office HERE
  2. Make PHONE CALLS to Governor Lombardo’s office (775) 684-5670


  • SB172 would allow children of any age to consent to drugs & medical devices or procedures. This includes some highly dangerous drugs that contain FDA black box warnings, such as HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis. (PrEP refers to the use of medications for preventing an infection before exposure.) HIV PrEP is a drug cocktail which could be offered to anyone who may become sexually active (often including chemotherapy-type drugs that are quite toxic) as a method to prevent future HIV infection and/or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) illness. Guidelines further outline the use of post-exposure prophylaxis drug treatments for people who have “been exposed.” (PEP refers to the use of medications for preventing infection after exposure.)
  • This bill would allow minors to consent without parental knowledge to vaccines, such as the HPV vaccine, which is currently in a lawsuit and is one of the most dangerous vaccines, according to VAERS injury reports.
  • This bill would allow minors to consent to contraceptive devices such as IUDs and hormone injections. If there were side effects, how would a parent even know how to care for their child if they didn’t know about the treatment?
  • SB172 represents a clear overreach by the state into the care and upbringing of our children and violates our medical and religious freedom.
  • AB237, another bill that could pass out of the legislature this session, will put “Health Centers” into Nevada schools. In partnership with SB172, this puts into place a scenario where children could easily be coerced into taking drugs and/or medical interventions in a setting without their parents present.


  • 7 of 8 Republican Senators voted NO
  • 14 of 14 Republican Assembly Members voted NO
  • 82% of opinions submitted in NELIS were opposed (449)
  • Overall testimony in Senate and Assembly hearings were overwhelmingly opposed and consisted of citizens, NOT lobbyists
  • Of the 43 people testifying in favor on 3/9/23 in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, we confirmed 38 of them to have direct ties to companies or organizations that stand to benefit financially from this new demographic target market for pharmaceutical & medical companies.
  • The Nevada Republican Party opposes SB172
  • The Libertarian Party of Nevada opposes SB172

Thank you very much for speaking out and for standing up for parental rights and for children’s safety!