Eloquently Speaking During Public Comment is NOT Harassment- It is our Civic Duty


Immunize NV Scrambles to Concoct a False Story of Harassment with CNN Simply Because they Felt Outnumbered at an Interim Legislative Committee Meeting

On December 30th, 2019 CNN Health published an extremely biased and inaccurate article by Christina Zdanowicz which was titled, “Events promoting vaccination called off in Nevada after harassing comments were posted on social media.”   That article was created because Nevada’s own pro-pharma lobbying organization, Immunize Nevada, had been startled to see more than 30 health freedom activists show up at an Interim Legislative Committee Meeting on December 11th to speak about the importance of medical freedom.   With such a large number of people taking time out of their day to be there at the legislature, it was dramatically clear that health freedom is an issue that is deeply important to many, many people in Nevada.

Meanwhile, Immunize Nevada exists mainly for the purpose of increasing the uptake of vaccines by any means possible.  They had most likely been hoping to quietly conduct their presentation without any commentary from members of the public, and they were probably very surprised to find that citizens were in fact, paying attention, and that they cared very much about what was being discussed at the meeting, since that was not what they were expecting.  In response, Immunize NV scrambled to try to paint themselves as the victim by concocting an inaccurate story of “harassment” where there was none.

Here is the link to the article that CNN published.

The most outrageous part of the article was when the author tried to describe the simple act of health freedom advocates attending and speaking at the interim legislative committee meeting on Dec 11th as “harassment,” which is ridiculous.   The health choice advocates who spoke at the legislative meeting that day were eloquent, rational, and respectful.  Some shared personal stories, while others intelligently referenced peer-reviewed scientific studies, or encouraged lawmakers to work with them on creating positive legislation that pro-actively protects freedom and the right to bodily autonomy.

These are public meetings that are purposefully open for anyone to attend and comment at.  The United States was never intended to be a dictatorship, ruled by just a small group of people behind closed doors.  When regular citizens take time out of their busy days to attend these meetings and offer constructive input regarding proposed future legislation, that is a GOOD thing, and it makes our communities stronger overall.

There was NO harassment at the hearing as CNN claims.  I doubt that anyone at CNN actually watched the video from the interim committee meeting before they labeled it “harassment.”

Here is the link to the video of Dec 11th Legislative Meeting.

Many people are passionate about health freedom and they do show up in large numbers when freedom is being threatened.   They may express themselves passionately, but that does NOT constitute harassment.  They are exercising their rights to free speech and as participants in our government.

Using the term “anti-vaxxers” repeatedly in the article is a discriminatory and derogatory way to refer to vaccine-risk- aware and human-rights-aware people.  Some may vaccinate according to CDC schedule, some according to an adjusted schedule, some are “ex-vaxxers” whose child was injured, and some may not vax at all.  They are not all the same.  What they do have in common is a deep passion for individual rights such as religious freedom, free speech, etc.

CNN will continue to lose more and more readers when only highly biased and one-sided articles like this are printed.   It has now become blatantly obvious that CNN- just like other mainstream news agencies- caters only to their pharmaceutical advertisers, while ignoring the actual people of America, and what is truly important to them.

~ HFN Member