Immediate Call To Action: NEWBORN SCREENING Blood Samples & Database

The Nevada Department of Public & Behavioral Health (DPBH) is holding a PUBLIC WORKSHOP tomorrow morning TUESDAY 1/11/22 at 8:00 AM on LCB File #R088-20-RP1 with their proposed changes to NAC 442 as related to the Newborn Screening blood samples taken from infants at birth and the testing for “preventable and inheritable disorders”. Please attend this workshop either online or by phoning in.


  • Will require parents of ALL babies born in Nevada to submit a blood sample taken from their newborn and sent to the State Public Health Laboratory (located at UNR) to be tested for “preventable and inheritable disorders”. Current law applies only to babies born in hospitals. The changes will apply to all babies regardless of whether they are born in the hospital or at home.
  • Screening results will be shared with Nevada Chief Medical Officer, the local health authority where the infant resides and the local health authority where infant was born.


  • No opt out. Applies to all infants and parents cannot decline.
  • Expands the definition of healthcare professionals required to participate in this blood sample collection to include nurses, midwives & doulas.
  • In the absence of a “healthcare professional” in attendance at the birth, the mother of infant will be required to obtain and submit sample within 7 days of birth.
  • List of disorders to be screened for will defer to control by federal government via proposal to follow HRSA guidelines and can change without state approval. And can change at any time without any oversight.
  • DNA/blood samples for every infant born in Nevada being kept in a government database with no defined plan for deletion of this data.

Meeting Link: Click here for the meeting notice Please join the meeting online or by phoning in. Please make comments and/or ask questions. There appears to be no option for written public testimony.

Via Teams: Click here to join the meeting online

Join by phone
+1 775-321-6111 US Toll
Access code: 60244279#
One touch call: +1 775-321-6111,,60244279#

More Information: Here’s how DPBH summarizes the changes. They fail to mention what we have identified above to be the most significant changes being proposed:

  • Details processes by which the State Public Health Laboratory (SPHL) can request information and
    payment related to laboratory and non-laboratory tests and examinations
    Specifies how the SPHL and primary care physicians will share relevant information and examination and
    testing results and ensure proper referral and care for infants suspected of or diagnosed with specific
    preventable or inherited conditions
  • Details specific blood sample processes and standardized criteria by amending Nevada Administrative
    Code 442.044
  • Creates a means by which the SPHL can detail a public process by which fees can be changed, includes
    examinations and non-laboratory tests related to newborn screening needed as part of diagnostic
    screening for all required conditions, and
  • Establishes clear processes for parental or guardian information sharing and referral and care transition
    from SPHL and health care providers and for information sharing to the Department of Health and
    Human Services Chief Medical Officer and local health officers

We see the above summary as a deliberate attempt to disguise the true intent of these proposed changes to Nevada law. This appears to be a means to the complete and total biological tracking of every citizen born into the state. We further assert that parents have the have the right to decline the invasive medical procedure of a heel prick in order to obtain a blood sample, have the right to decline biological testing of their children and have the right to decline to participate in a government run biological database.

Click here to read current NAC 442:

Click here to see the changes being proposed to NAC 442:

HRSA Guidelines that DBPH is proposing the state follow: