Forms, Mis-information and Small Successes

We at Health Freedom Nevada frequently answer questions and often have to ask the school districts and health districts to correct information.  We have been grateful so far to have developed relationships that have resulted in corrections to many of these issues, albeit minor, often hidden retractions or re-wording.  Here are the latest we have come across.  


The form pictured here is an immunization “reminder” from Nye and Esmeralda County Community Health Nurse.  It states that all children are required shots at age four.  As if four years old is a mile marker with a requirement.  IT IS NOT.  Entering preschool or kindergarten DOES require immunization UNLESS YOU HAVE A RELIGIOUS OR MEDICAL EXEMPTION.  This flyer is misleading and causes panic.  It does not mention that Nevada State Law allows for two exemptions, and it highlights and underlines that shots are required at age 4, which is untrue.  Furthermore, stating in bold, “REMEMBER, NO SHOTS, NO SCHOOL” is a flat out lie in the State of Nevada.  The next legislative session is not until January 2021.  No new laws can go into effect until July 1 2021, if anything changes.  As of now, here are the Nevada Revised Statutes that allow for exemptions:

NRS 392.437 Immunization of pupils: Exemption if prohibited by religious belief  

 NRS 392.439  Immunization of pupils: Exemption if prevented by medical condition.

The good news is that Health Freedom Nevada contacted Julia Peek at the Nevada State Health Department and asked for her to correct the misinformation on this form.  Ms. Peek was prompt and sent us a corrected form that she is sending to the Community Health Nurse in Nye/Esmeralda County.  Here it is:

Nye/Esmeralda Health Flyer

Further, there is currently NO PRESCRIBED forms required for a medical or a religious exemption.  However, it is important to include all the information needed or school officials will have to chase you down for this basic information. The following form recently created by the Washoe County School District IS NOT REQUIRED, but is an example of ALL THE INFORMATION THEY NEED.  The verbiage “Request for Religious Exemption” is inappropriate, as NV law allows it and we do not have to request.  However, this form is basic and can be used as a guide to what information to include.  So make your own, but don’t forget your child’s date of birth or name or date.

 Religious Exemption Form created by WCSD

Please contact us for any questions, issues or new forms you are presented with that seem questionable.  Know your rights!  Reading the entire NRS linked above is a start!  And please get involved!  We need all of the support and help we can get to keep Nevada free.

Thank you!

Health Freedom Nevada

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