Thanks for Supporting to Our Cause!

Here in Nevada, we still have Medical and Religious Exemptions.  However, we know this may not last and we know that in order to maintain our freedoms and hold our legislators to the task of upholding the Constitution, we have a LOT of work to do.  From maintaining a website, to paying for hosting, email, video conferencing, educational materials, business cards, to traveling (we hope to soon!) and hosting our own symposium- we NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  The current “Board” of HFN has put in hundreds of volunteer hours to “killing” AB123 and now growing this movement.  But we can only do so much!  Help us KEEP NEVADA FREE!  Thank you so much!  However, we are not currently accepting recurring donations.  We will run fundraiser events when we need support.  Thank you to all who have donated in the past!  We will keep you posted if we need support!  And we will keep you in the loop with our newsletters in the meantime!