2022 Voter guide!

Our voter guide is out!  We put out a health freedom survey and got 100 responses!!  Here it is!  Please share!  We cannot endorse.  Only rate based on their answers to our survey and on past actions that we have clear evidence of, such as voting record, legal action, activism, public speaking, etc.   We have included MOST of the candidates from all parties and rated them on their answers to our survey.  We also gave a HFN Rating which is based on our knowledge of their past actions.   If you are a candidate and were not included on our survey and would like to answer the survey, please feel free to email us at info@healthfreedomnevada.com.  It is also very helpful to let us know about past actions, voting record, fighting/standing for medical freedom, and any actions that we might not be aware of.  We may not be able to guarantee you will get on our guide prior to the primaries, but we will be doing another guide for the general election. Also, please feel free to reach out to us if you feel we have made a mistake on our voter guide.

Below, we have also included our detailed rating document, which includes a brief explanation of why we gave the candidate the rating we did.  The 3rd document is the actual survey answers from the candidates.

HFN 2022 Voter Guide

Here is the detailed back up document.

Candidate Ratings 2022 

Here are the full answers to our survey.

Form Responses 1

If you would like something emailed directly to you, please email us.


Happy Voting!

~ In Health Freedom,  HFN Staff