Call To Action!!! Educating our Legislators!!



Hello Health Freedom Warriors!

As some of you know, we are in the Interim Session right now in the Nevada Legislature.  That means, they aren’t hearing and approving new bills.  HOWEVER, they are meeting and planning new bills and bill drafts start rolling out in June with final approval in August.  So if we wait to get anything done when the session starts in Jan. 2021, we will be 6 months behind the 8 ball. We at Health Freedom Nevada are already meeting with, educating and attempting to work with our legislators.  We really never stopped after AB123 last session.  But now is really GO time.  Now is really the time to get our desires heard.  And numbers speak louder than anything.  We are calling for YOU to figure out who your senator and assembly person is and email,  or better yet snail-mail them!  We have created a booklet and other documentation to educate yourself and our legislators and properly prepare you to write a letter about what we are asking for.  We believe that if we are ALL saying pretty much the same thing in unison, our voices will be much more powerful.  (You can say and ask for whatever you want. You may not even agree with us.  That is fine!  Do your own lobbying!  But for this Call to ACTION, we are asking for a particular group of issues to be addressed.)  Below is the downloadable booklet we have created that WE are using to educate our legislators and put forward our “asks”.  We are providing supporting documentation to download as well (below).

  1. READ the booklet we have created below.  Understand it.  DO NOT send this booklet to the legislator.  IT IS FOR YOUR EDUCATION OR to take with you IF YOU MEET YOUR LEGISLATOR IN PERSON.  DO NOT JUST SEND THIS BOOKLET!!!
  2. Absorb the information and decide what you would like to let your legislators know and which of the issues in the booklet resinates with you.
  3. Email or MAIL your legislators asking for what you want.  Discuss an Issue from the booklet, BUT NOT ALL OF IT.  Keep it short, summarize and make your stance known!  They answer to you!
  4. If a legislator seems interested, you can send them to us!!! We will meet with them if you do not feel comfortable meeting them in person.
  5. Be respectful and clear.  EDUCATE THEM and tell them what you would like to see them do.

Here is the map to figure out your legislators.  Zoom in to where you live and then click. Once you see the name, click on their name and you will get contact info.

Here is our Legislator Education Booklet.  Please feel free to download and print as many as you want.  Your supporting donation to allow us to keep producing, printing and hand delivering them to legislators when we meet with them is much appreciated!

Click here for:    2020 Booklet For Educating Legislators

Bills We Need in NV 2020 – this is a list of bills that have been written in other states.  It is good to show legislators that there ARE good bills being proposed around the country.

Coming soon:  our Pediatrician Survey results booklet.

Your donation is MUCH appreciated.  We are working hard to produce, print and disseminate material to educate our legislators and candidates.  Please help us keep up the work behind the scenes to be proactive.  We can’t do it alone!  ACT and SUPPORT!  Thank you!

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