February Legislative Update and Board of Health Meeting CTA

Thank you for taking the time to read this important update. There is A LOT happening with new “public health” laws and regulations in Nevada with most of these related to HIV modernization. It feels as though many things are being put into place now that could make the government response to another pandemic much more challenging for Nevadans. Please read all of this. Share it. And please, please take the time to make public comment in opposition of the various proposed NAC updates. NAC codes that will take these new laws even further into medical tyranny territory.

Information Overview – Legislative Process for New Laws

  1. Bills (SB or AB) proposed and sponsored by legislators, get voted on by Assembly & Senate and if passed by both are signed into NRS (Nevada Revised Statute) law by Governor. NRS laws warrant criminal penalties.
  2. Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) regulations proposed by bureaucrats/agencies must (1.) hold public workshop (2.) hold public hearing (3.) by passed by majority of the board or division that oversees that section of NAC (4.) be passed by the legislature. Outside of the regular legislative session, the Legislative Commission committee must pass by majority vote. NAC codes generally warrant civil penalties.


MEETING LINK Meeting ID: 925 3755 2135 Passcode: 818303

EMAIL TESTIMONY to StateBOH@health.nv.gov

Please send written public testimony this week against these possible action items and if you are able, please log on and make a spoken public comment during the meeting.

COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY STAFF & STUDENT VACCINE MANDATES: The Nevada Faculty Alliance (A TRADE UNION) in partnership with the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) Board of Regents (seems to have originated from Kent Ervin, head of the chemistry department at UNR & president of the UNION) submitted a petition with 4000 signatures demanding covid vaccine mandates for all college and university staff and students. It’s likely they will try to add face masks to this demand too. https://dpbh.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dpbhnvgov/content/Boards/BOH/Meetings/2022/PC%2048.pdf

Tell the Board of Health that you oppose medical mandates! There is NO scientific evidence showing that masks reduce transmission of viral particles. The covid vaccines DO NOT prevent transmission, infection or illness. There are risks associated with these medical interventions; where there is risk there must be full informed consent and free choice. Those who decide to wear masks and/or take covid shots based upon their personal risk assessment are free to do so.

NEWBORN BLOOD SCREENING (LCB R088-20RP1) Public Hearing: The State Board of Health is considering an update to existing NAC. Current law states that a blood sample be taken from every infant born in a hospital and be submitted to the state lab for testing of “preventable or inherited disorders”. This proposed update expands the testing to include every infant born in the state. There is no new NRS to prompt this update and we have been unable to determine the origination of these changes. Why is this necessary? And why now?

  • Requires mother of infant to obtain and submit blood sample from her baby in the absence of a birth “professional”. For infants born at home, this means the mother would be responsible, by law, to have this blood test for her baby.
  • Does not provide the mother or the parents the ability to “opt out”.
  • Blood samples are kept indefinitely in the State Newborn Screening Lab at UNR.
  • CA newborn screening program sold genetic data from their database to private corporations. There is no safeguard against this happening in NV.

Tell the Board of Health that there must be a clear opt-out for mothers/parents before expanding this program to include every infant. There must also be a mechanism for the protection of the private genetic / DNA data of citizens (babies).

HEALTH DISTRICTS: Proposal submitted by UNR to Board of Health for creation of regional Health Districts. This proposal to create a Central Nevada Health District (Churchill, Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, Pershing & White Pine counties) that would take public health jurisdiction away from local county control and moves to centralize public health. This will limit the ability of local communities and local elected officials to make their own decisions in response to future pandemics or other public health emergencies.


Tell the Board of Health that local public health decisions need to be made locally. Tell them that in the event of future public health issues or emergencies, you want your local officials to be able to make decisions based on what your community is experiencing and based upon what is best locally rather than centralizing these powers.


MEETING LINK Meeting ID: 588-625-6671

EMAIL PUBLIC COMMENT TO: pharmacy@pharmacy.nv.gov

PHARMACIST DISPENSING/ADMINISTERING HIV DRUGS – SB325 and LCB File R039-21 Public Hearing: The Legislature passed SB325 which allows pharmacists to prescribe, dispense and administer HIV drugs. We haven’t fully compared the NRS law details with these proposed NAC code updates, but this is one of many recent HIV related law updates. We assume this will include HIV vaccines and treatments such as the newly renamed AZT (now known as ZDV), which the CDC is recommending for even pregnant women and infants.

SB325: https://legiscan.com/NV/bill/SB325/2021

LCB R039-21: https://bop.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/bopnvgov/content/board/ALL/2022_Meetings/NVBOPMARCH2022PUBLICHEARINGNOTICE.R039-21.pdf


The following new laws came out of the 2021 legislative session and went into effect in 2021 but the corresponding NAC codes have not yet reached the Board of Health for a vote. We’ll keep you posted on these as they progress through the code stage.

SB275 and BDR 40-220 – Quarantine, Communicable Diseases and HIV Modernization: AN ACT relating to public health; revising the procedures followed by a county or city board of health or a health authority when isolating, quarantining or treating certain persons; revising provisions governing the investigation of a case or suspected case of a communicable disease and an order for a person with a communicable disease to submit to examination and treatment; revising provisions concerning certain offenses relating to communicable diseases; revising provisions concerning court-ordered testing for a communicable disease; prohibiting the disclosure of information about certain persons investigated by the health authority; requiring the alleged victim of a crime involving sexual penetration to be provided with information concerning sexually transmitted diseases; revising certain terminology used to refer to the human immunodeficiency virus and related matters; reestablishing the Advisory Task Force on HIV Exposure Modernization; setting forth the duties of the Task Force; abolishing certain crimes relating to the human immunodeficiency virus; repealing certain additional provisions relating to communicable diseases; providing a penalty; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

The NAC updates for SB275 have not been made public yet. We’ll let you know when they are posted and when the public workshop gets scheduled.

SB275: https://legiscan.com/NV/bill/SB275/2021

SB211 and LCB R002-22 – HIV Testing & Treatment: This “HIV Modernization” law formalizes and requires that Nevada follow all CDC guidelines for testing and treatment of HIV and other communicable diseases. It names CDC as the health authority to which Nevada will defer for HIV and other communicable diseases. We’ve all seen just how well the CDC and their guidance have been working in this covid era….it concerns us that our legislators seem to have just handed over this power. And the updated NAC codes may take things even further than the bill does. We’ll let you know when the public hearing for these proposed NAC updates is scheduled.

SB211: https://legiscan.com/NV/bill/SB211/2021

LCB R002-22: https://dpbh.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dpbh.nv.gov/content/Programs/HIV/dta/Policies/HIV%20STD%20Testing%20Proposed%20Regulations%20SB211%202021.pdf