Our Team

Our amazing team of Nevadans seeks to protect the health of NV’s children by maintaining our access to medical and religious exemptions to school vaccination requirements and to educate Nevadans about the evidence supporting a variety of health choices.

Our History

We are passionate about preserving informed consent for all medical treatments, including medications, vaccines and surgical procedures and your right to decline any such medical intervention. We worked to protect the private health information of Nevada school children when a bill in the 2019 legislative session threatened access to religious and medical exemptions.

We work closely with other groups who are passionate about protecting parental rights to choose personalized medical care and alternatives to conventional medicine.


Our Mission

Health Freedom Nevada is a nonprofit organization dedicated to upholding the Constitution of the United States with regards to freedom of religion and the natural right to bodily autonomy for ourselves and our children. We advocate for informed consent regarding medical procedures and interventions. We seek to educate and inform Nevadans about their parental and religious rights and to secure their access to alternatives in medicine. We seek to inform our lawmakers, policy makers, media, and government agencies about the fundamental right to make medical decisions for our families and achieve public health policy reform regarding vaccinations.


How we accomplish Our Mission

Health and medical freedom are vital civil liberties. We believe every Nevadan deserves fully informed consent for every medical procedure and the right to pursue treatment of their choice, including the right to say no to medication or treatment.

Parents in Nevada have the right to be in charge of their children’s medical and health options. Nevada currently has both religious and medical exemptions for mandatory vaccine laws. We work to protect and expand these rights.

We provide in-person workshops, lectures, and discussions on health freedom topics so that you can be the expert on your own health. We offer written resources and links to peer-reviewed literature to help you in your health freedom journey and empower you to become an advocate for health freedom.

Our group focuses on building relationships with legislators in order to advocate for our freedoms. By lobbying and educating, we strive to maintain and improve policies to protect our freedoms and Constitutional rights.

Next Steps…

Join our mission of educating and advocating for your rights as a parent to make medically informed decisions for your family. By donating and becoming a member, you support our efforts to work with and educate legislators, print educational materials, pay for secure methods of communication and support our website.

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